Shouldn't have been in lockdown in the first place!

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We knew that coronavirus was particularly bad for the elderly. We knew that the death rate from Covid was exponentially higher among over-70s. And yet rather than strategically focusing society’s resources on protecting older people, especially in care homes, we devoted our energy to enforcing a society-wide lockdown, putting perfectly healthy people under house arrest, flagging up the tiny number of deaths among young people as proof that the virus could kill anyone (a lie), and obsessing over “Protecting the NHS”, policing parks, and reprimanding anyone who shopped more than once a week.

This is where the care-home crisis comes from. It’s a product not only of the long-standing neglect of such places, but also of lockdown fanaticism. The Covid fearmongers, especially in the media, became so obsessed with shutting down the whole of society that they distracted attention from the one section of society that we knew was most at risk: older people. We needed strategic thinking, not fear. That we got the latter was disastrous.

P.S. We've already seen 2 government advisors break the lock down rules, so what does that tell us? Even they don't believe it. Do as we say not as we do.

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Because this whole thing is a joke and these lockdown measures will do alot more damage in the longrun to the economy and peoples lives. Guaranteed.

by NickE1986 on May 07, 2020 at 07:36AM

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