single at risk parents

Not so much an idea, as a concern, lost my husband and am a single parent to two, under 10yr olds who have unfortunately had to sheild with me, not allowed one walk a day, this is becoming barbaric why has nothing been put in place to maintain intergrating this group into society? We have seen nhs staff get EVERY possible help/shopping slot/financial discounts/priority, yet it seems the ones suffering the most are "forgotten" lets be honest we are ALL going to get this virus, no one is a hero in this because covid does not discriminate at work or not! My kids have had to endure full isolation because of a condition i was born with! No time of day or day of the wee has been implied o for us, we have been forgotten with nothing good in the pipeline for us...Why is this group not being considered in any plans?

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I want to see my kids healthy!

by angelab888 on May 11, 2020 at 12:26PM

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