Slowly Reverse Lock Down

As well as reversing lock down, please re start society differently to make the country better.

Encourage working from home - maybe even a four day week or 3 +1 at home. This could be staggered to reduce traffic on the roads.

Send out STI checks to all adults to eradicate sexually transmitted diseases as much as possible.

To limit risk of transmission - have more bank holidays.

Keep MacDonald’s / fast food closed. We don’t need them. We have survived with out.

If unemployment is an issue, reduce the retirement age and free up jobs quicker.

Green new deal time?

Keep airports and entry to Scotland safe with temperature measurements.

Move sales of alcohol to off license only.

Why the contribution is important

Healthy, safer, greener Scotland.

by TomWalker on May 06, 2020 at 06:37PM

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