Small ‘Bubbles’ of People

Many disagree with the idea of the ‘bubble’ as it would still restrict them from seeing certain people, however, for people like myself how aren’t coping well mentally with this situation and could have the opportunity to see 1 or 2 people from a different household at a distance, ie in a garden, it would make the world of difference and over time, the number of people in which you could see would increase in order for those who want to see more people, but only when the numbers are lowering and it is safe to do so for yourself and others. The quicker the ‘bubble’ can come into effect, the better as it would make life that little bit easier at such a hard time considering we have been in this for around 7 weeks now

Why the contribution is important

Help with individuals mental health and gives a slight bit of normality back when safe to do so.

by ak1234 on May 06, 2020 at 01:46PM

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