Small clusters of people

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I think it would be best to allow small groups of the same immediate families to meet. 2/3 households allowing family members to see each other and spend much needed time with grandchildren. Allowing this would help people carry on a little longer and continuing with social distancing everywhere else. We cannot allow it to go back to "normal" to quickly or we will be back to square one. If through a 3 week period the numbers continue to drop then allow further households to meet and so on.

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It will prevent a spike in the number of cases, and protect the NHS. But also give people a little sense of normality back allowing them to see family. It will help improve the mental health of everyone being able to go visit another house. But only visiting households where people are safe and well and not vulnerable.

Ps thank you for allowing us to have our say.

by Lesleyl86 on May 07, 2020 at 12:09PM

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