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Individual retailers, working either small units or RMUs in shopping centres - different to the HIgh Street shops (non-essential) only in location really, but I would expect that the single shops will open long before larger centres. Will there be allowances for the single operators, who work on RMUs in the aisles and corridors in centres, and will be able to work with the social distances that will be harder in some small retail shops? The stands used are in specified places, whether permanent or on a temporary basis, can be arranged with the distancing in mind. Also, even if the larger stores are not opening at the same time, it would at least bring some life/footfall and rent into centres which will also be struggling (as in INTU)

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I do use these kind of RMUs at different sites, with a selection of maybe 100 small crafting business owners and it for so many a start that can lead to moving into fixed units. It is a way to test the market at a reasonable starting cost, and does bring the public to the centres also, some who may not, then benefiting the larger fixed stores too. The car parking is of a size that while traffic will be lower, will be able to be distanced, and so are the walking areas of the centres, so should not be a massive issue of pinchpoints.

by IanP on May 09, 2020 at 08:00PM

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