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The virus could infect a lot of people in busy confined places. Planes, trains, tubes, buses. And in small confined work places, and schools, etc. Also the transport is needed for people to get to work. Apart from wearing a space suit, there will always be some risk. Some ideas, I am just throwing out, and I am aware they are not perfect, and have draw backs. 1. Have more buses on main routes, or on changed routes, limiting passenger numbers. (not everyone will have access, but it can't be helped.) 2. Open retail parks where most people travel by car, but still using queueing and distancing, hand sanitisers, etc 3. Allow businesses where few people need public transport to open, but only if they can show distancing etc measures. 4. Allow households to use open spaces keeping 3 meters apart. 5. Encourage small businesses to go online. 6. Look at PPE for hairdressers, barbers, beauticians, and any other workers who literally have as close contact as nurses and carers. 7. increase taxes to help those who cannot work, or for PPE for some jobs ( Well I would not mind) 8 Introduce a scheme where some workers could pay towards their PPE. As I said, everything needs to be thought through. But ideas are needed on how to keep people safe, but get them back to work. Otherwise the NHS is likely to be overwhelmed,

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It might cut the risk of getting the virus.

by jenny333 on May 06, 2020 at 12:49PM

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