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It doesn't feel like much consideration has been given to special schools where all pupils would qualify to be at school under the current vulnerable definition. At my school, we already have around 20 children attending and social distancing is impossible! Whilst we have PPE we cannot wear it as the children try to pull it off and are scared which could result in staff being hurt. All children come in taxis so increasing their social contact. Personal care, providing support with eating and drinking and moving and handling practices requires very close contact with pupils. Teachers who are in school are busy working with the children who are in, so very difficult to them provide a whole other set of lessons online. Staff who work in my school are incredibly dedicated and want to care for our young people but they are definitely at risk. There seems little attention being paid to staff health and also consideration of the number of staff needed as many are already self isolating or in high risk categories. That being said many of our pupils would also not manage a week on week off approach! Hence why we are open at the moment.

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Hygiene practices and education are very different in the special school setting and must be considered separately.

by aiteard on May 08, 2020 at 12:19PM

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