Specific Job Roles Not Just Sectors Need Individual Guidance

It has been discussed that return to work may be managed by sector (construction, retail, manufacturing, etc). This is not detailed enough. Every industry has various types of employee, so easing of restrictions cannot suit all job types. For example, a manufacturing company employs sales people who travel round large areas or even the full country. These people visit many existing or potential customers each day, from small shops to offices, factories and warehouses. they are in and out of multiple premises, often showing the same samples to each business they visit. A lot of these employers will not think that job can be done over the phone and will insist on employees resuming multiple daily sales visits. Surely this type of role has the potential to spread the virus to many people in many areas of the country, as they travel outside of their home region. (I don’t want sales people visiting my business any time soon). The same manufacturing company could also employ just a few office staff who are able to safely distance themselves at work or even better work from home. They might employ delivery drivers, catering staff, cleaners etc, etc. So when each sector has a large amount of differing job roles within it, a broad, one size fits all rule will not work and keep the virus spread low.

Why the contribution is important

To keep the virus spread to a minimum, specific advice is needed for the large amount of roles within work places. It would be a huge undertaking to get all of the relevant guidance together and issued, given the variety of jobs out there, but it is a must and return to work by sector just is not a safe way to proceed.

by SMD on May 08, 2020 at 12:10AM

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