Specific year groups to return first. A Primary HT's perspective.

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I lead a Primary school. I agree with bringing children, safely, into school. I understand the immediate desire to target P7, and agree that transition is vital. However, if you bring only one year group in at the same time, in a large school, the P7 classes (for example) would be working with many adults, not the teacher who knew their work, and who knew them as young people & learners, My suggestion: Every class is split into 3, and attends school at the same time each day, for less than a third a day (to allow for cleaning - although this will have a cleaning/ janitorial staffing implication). 9 - break, break - lunch, afternoon. This removes the risks around social distancing during breaks, and gives teachers daily contact with every child in their own class. This is crucial to making sure children are coping & engaging. Each child attends, at the same time, on set days and groups can be constructed to allow siblings to attend the same sessions, to minimise journeys. Each child gets an intensive (albeit short) session, with their own teacher, who can assess learning effectively, given the small numbers (and manage Social Distancing). Each child is sent away to complete tasks, having had teacher input. We could also provide additional group support for vulnerable bairns/ children who would benefit from extra support, perhaps supported by the Pupil Support Assistants' expertise, which is often overlooked. Parents may be anxious about sending their children to school, so time should also be protected for teachers to continue with online learning, so the idea of doing this Mon - Fri, 9am - 3pm is unrealistic. However, this may be a more effective way to really re-engage learners & provide the nurture they will need, from their own teacher. There may be staffing implications for childcare services, as Key Workers' children will still need full time provision.

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I'm a Primary Head Teacher. I am not suggesting that my contribution IS important. But it might be useful. It's just that I have tried to think things through (corridor width, one way systems, lunches & breaks). All I have done, is to contribute another way of considering our schools reopening, in a way that is safe & nurturing for pupils; reassuring for parents; manageable by a really committed team.

by Jenn on May 06, 2020 at 10:21PM

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