Split return to school for S4-6 pupils

Teenagers in S4-6 only could be returned to school in June in 2 groups, so the first group would attend for 2 weeks, then the school building deep cleaned over the weekend, and then the second group in for the second fortnight. This would allow space for teaching in socially distanced classrooms.

It's important for that age group to spend time with their peers, and I am very worried about their mental health. Many are not getting up during the day, staying up all night playing games online, and having to be really pushed to go outside. There's very little parents can do to challenge this behaviour without causing even more stress.

A 2 week period at school would give them a bit of normality rather than being stuck at home for 5 months, which is extremely challenging for 15-18 year olds at such a crucial time in their social and academic development.

Why the contribution is important

Lockdown has a more severe impact on teens' development than other age groups. Would possibly allow exams to go ahead as normal in 2021.

by Pippin on May 10, 2020 at 11:59AM

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