Staged easing of lock down

My idea is that we stagger easing the lockdown over the next 6 weeks, we know that it is mainly older people over 75 and the vulnerable it is affecting. So next week we could have anyone aged 18-30, ease restrictions for them, let them back to work and give them a bit more freedom, study the R number to see if it shows signs of increasing, if not then anyone aged 31-40 give them the same freedom can re-enter society on week 3-4 and get them back to work, follow this process until we have a new kind of normal right up to week 6 when anyone who does not require to be shielded can find their new normal, by that time it should be more in control with the test trace and isolate approach.

Why the contribution is important

It is important because at the moment everyone is currently on lockdown, there is no sign of any normality resuming, our economy is affected.

We also need to make sure our elderly and vulnerable are protected from this virus, also our NHS - who do a fantastic job!

I do agree with the lock down but there comes a point where we need to test the waters but still protect all of the above as well

by Jmack16 on May 08, 2020 at 10:28AM

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  • Posted by Sulphonamide May 08, 2020 at 11:00

    There is no scientific consensus for anything (as a biomedical Prof I am confident that I am wrong much of the time) so we will never know for certain until we try - and if we wait until all if perfect then we will be waiting on a vaccine. Small steps, and see how they go, then adjust accordingly. The feeling that it is all getting better, even if slowly, would be very welcome to everyone, and people are more likely to stay onboard if there are even faint signs of progress.
  • Posted by Daisiechain May 08, 2020 at 11:07

    As a qualified nurse still working now and over 50 , I would have to comment that the above stated relaxation of restrictions would leave me and many many other medical staff over a certain age who have been out working since lockdown , prevented from being allowed to enjoy our own pastimes . Mine happens to be mountaineering and hillwalking. Doesn’t really make sense does it?
  • Posted by Jmack16 May 08, 2020 at 11:16

    I feel for you and I am so grateful that we have folk like you who are looking after us, I am also in the higher age bracket but I don’t mind sacrificing my hobbies for another few weeks to see if any of the above would help, unfortunately we don’t have the answers
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