Stagger the easing of lockdown and protect the vulnerable

Map out an approach that leaves three week gaps or thereabouts between the introduction of various measures easing lockdown so that any resurgence and spread of the virus can be clearly monitored and lockdown measures reinstated quickly should that become necessary.

Ireland has produced a 'road-map' of this type, I believe.

Also, look at protecting the vulnerable including the middle-aged and older working population, particularly those 60+ in easing the lockdown. Statistics and WHO show why this is necessary.

This paper identifies why: Age, Death Risk, and the Design of an Exit Strategy: A Guide for Policymakers and for Citizens Who Want to Stay Alive (published by Warwick University).

Why the contribution is important

It's important that we keep the R number low so that there isn't a second peak of infection that kills many more people and threatens the capacity of the NHS, not to mention inflicting much more stress on nurses, doctors and other essential workers.

Those with certain pre-existing conditions and older people are more vulnerable as statistics show. So too are some from certain ethnic backgrounds. Protecting them makes sense to preserve life and avoid extra pressure on the NHS, both things the Scottish Government has stated are amongst its key objectives.

by WBRnotes on May 08, 2020 at 11:09PM

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