Staggering Start Times

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This is an idea mainly for the city centres. Stagger start times and finish times for employees so that their is less people on transport at the same time, which allows distancing, also means less traffic and better for the environment as not as much heavy traffic. This clearly may not work for every industry but if it could for the majority who travel then it’s a good way to go. Also would be useful if the transport can limit their loads suitable enough for distancing. Also reduction or no parking fees to allow people to drive and ask family members to travel together or it means less people using transport making it better for distancing.

I think to start this it’s important that companies also rotate staff so that not too many in office at same times and days, so one day working from home, one day in the office. Keep the same groups together on this pattern until things ease.

Why the contribution is important

It means the economy can start, workers can go to work safely, improves emissions with less sitting in traffic which is good for the environment and efficiency, allows social distancing. It allows us to try and get people back to working normally while others work at home and rotate. Also important to the food and drink industries as well as retail etc. It’s going to be a gradual process but I think it’s a good option to start with.



by RMenzies11 on May 06, 2020 at 10:18PM

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