Stay in the Region

In short this idea says:

Without a good reason Don't travel out of your region.

Using the current NHS data that is available throughout Scotland and the UK to enable a C19 Red, Amber, Green (RAG) NHS regional status.
Similar to France, the RAG status would identify what we can or can't do and allow regions (businesses etc) to behave in the correct manner appropriate to the colour status. Suggest a UK status map reviewed, updated and published each weekly.
Of course the 2m rule, along with other general rules will remain regardless of status.

Why the contribution is important

Simple solution to allow Scotland and the UK to come out of lockdown in a controlled manner. Stops people travelling outwith their own region and moving the virus around the country.
A simple, clear method of communication.

by Nathan on May 11, 2020 at 12:54PM

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  • Posted by happyjolucky May 11, 2020 at 21:05

    I really like this idea. I don't think we're there yet but it would be a great next step, and could even be introduced gradually starting with areas where there are no infections. Along with this though I think it is important we look to make regions more self-sufficient. I live on a Hebridean island and this is a huge problem here, and also accelerates population decline, as there is not the range of jobs available here that there are in other areas of the country. We should have more local food production as well as a variety of skilled labourers available in each area. For example, prior to this there has been a move to centralise airport traffic control to inverness, rather than at each local airport. This means that the air traffic controllers who live here will have to move to the mainland (with their families, so a significant loss of population numbers for a small community) or lose their jobs. We should be reversing decisions like this and making life in rural areas far more reliable and sustainable.
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