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Mr Swinney provide clear and accountable direction that schools will not reopen until August. We are now hearing there are new pressures to potentially open earlier. I think the government should stay it’s course and keep to plan with reopening in August don’t bow to these added pressures. Continue to use time as part of the cure and prevention - continue to save lives. The UK has already come under huge criticism for not bring in lockdown sooner and now advises lessons will no doubt be learned. Please don’t become the government that lifted measures too quickly and tell us later further lessons will be learned.

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Some reasons not to bow to pressure: It was already assessed it would be the wrong thing to do for health reasons. - Returning in June would leave schools inadequately prepared for social distancing and rearrangement of entire school timetables to minimise contact. - We should be honest about the ability too for schools to apply social distancing effectively for example school corridors are in some extremely narrow, even items like soap were short supply in areas way before this virus. The delay of return helps ensure social distancing when everyone is at a fragile point of turning the tide for good on the R number. - Children will realistically not benefit more academically, it is only 4 weeks of the school term and then a large summer break. Many parents will also be worried about returning too soon and will likely opt to keep their children off -avoid this worry / stress / choice on families, use time as part of the cure and wait till August. Keep home schooling going. - There is no protective strategy in place for teachers, schools closed as sickness levels went up for teachers and they had the inability to continue running schools effectively. Don’t bring stress, sickness back into this work place by returning everyone for 4 weeks. ( should note I’m not a teacher and don’t work at a school) Everyone wants to get back to normal but it’s not possible and any “new normal” needs to be planned for - if schools are to truly be safe / minimal risk use the time before returning in August to plan and prepare for that new normal - please don’t rush everyone back and create a crisis!

by charlie on May 07, 2020 at 04:23AM

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