Stop privatisation

We need a better resourced and financed public sector. Outsourcing services to charities and private sector means a workforce with fewer rights and usually worse wages and pensions. Services delivered by private sector and charities are not open to democratic scrutiny. Building up a public sector, investing in training, in making it a sound career choice for all our young people will enable us to create infrastructure to better deal with events like a pandemic and huge long term issues like climate change.

Why the contribution is important

It has long term significance for the economy and for building a society that an cope with future shocks. We need an economy based on good, well paid jobs with security and decent pension provision, however that looks in the future. We need an economy that is rebalanced in favour of people and planet. Joined up services, the ability to be flexible and change in the face of changing need will become ever more vital.

by Goldfinch on May 11, 2020 at 12:39PM

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