Stricter Lockdown for 2 weeks

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People are starting to become too complacent and thinking the rules don't apply to them. Having visitors, meeting up in groups, going out driving to un-essential places like b&q and Costa. It's causing unnecessary traffic on the roads and making me feel it will soon cause an accident and prevent key workers from getting to their work. There are more groups of people gathering, fines need to be implemented in a stricter fashion and the only way people are going to get the message properly is by implementing a stricter lockdown of at least 2 weeks and actually enforcing fines on those that arent adhering to it.

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The current lockdown has lost its vital message and people are either bored of complying and doing their own thing or just becoming too complacent and thinking the virus won't ever affect them . There needs to be a more clear cut lockdown to ensure people comply and allow us to finally get through to the other side

by MrsQ on May 06, 2020 at 05:41PM

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