Stricter Lockdown

Quarantine and monitor all arrivals in Airports, Ports, Train Stations, Roads entering from another country. Only allow essential workers to be on streets with paperwork that proves they are essential, allow 1 trip to shop and 1 form of exercise a day with ID and paperwork proving if stopped. If stopped Police record and sign paper to indicate date and time if stopped again same day large fine. More Police on streets. Large spot fines as a deterrent. Make everyone who is going shopping or on Public Transport etc wear a mask and have sanitiser available in all shops. Run adverts on how to wear a mask correctly. Make available a clear list of jobs regarded as essential, No ambiguity, all jobs not listed don’t work, No Exceptions. Test,Trace and isolate outbreaks, Try to develop or purchase antibody test to allow the recovered back to work.

Why the contribution is important

To reduce spread of Covid 19 and save lives, protects the SNHS and allow the economy to recover faster in the long run.

by Jock_Mckay on May 11, 2020 at 03:16PM

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