Students living independently face poverty over lost work

Many students living independently lost their part-time income through the restrictions. My daughter is a 4th year degree music student who lost her part-time income. She is one of thousands of students who lost part-time work and were newly part-time self-employed or on zero hour contracts therefore could not be furloughed or helped through small business help.
These students, who do not live at home and have to pay rent, form a forgotten group who face poverty, particularly over the summer when their SAAS runs out.
Our only option seems to be for me to give her £500 per month in June, July and August from my savings so she can eek out a meagre existence until SAAS returns in September. We have that option. Many won't. In any case, it's not a satisfactory option.
Students, particularly those in the performing arts have had to compromise so much of their studies at the end of this term, I don't think they and their families should be caused financial stress also.
These students should be able to upload their lease on a governmental website and obtain hardship funds, or at least SAAS over the summer, so they can pay their rent, bills and eat.

Why the contribution is important

It's important because I have not heard one politician talking about this group. They have been forgotten, with devastating consequences on the horizon.

by cnanguy on May 10, 2020 at 02:55PM

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