Suggestion to Lock Down/Family time.

Ok. People are missing their loved ones very much. I get that. Some of our loved ones maybe are house bound every day, due to long term illness, or disability in normal circumstances. But now wih COVID-19 those with family ,with loved ones with the above mention long term illness, or disability, can not see their family love ones, due to lock down restrictions. So if your,loved ones are able to get out, then i suggest we can meet up with them once a week(to begin with), in public parks for an hour/2hours,,this would need policing to make sure we are complying still with social distancing. you could hug each other (if and only wearing suitable face covers, and hand wear). For those with family whom are house bound, i suggest that we can go into see them, as one on one, while again only if all parties are wearing suitable face guards, and gloves. or social distancing. was done,yes his situation would be harder to police, but i am very sure some one within the government/public even could work out some thing. yes they're are a few area's in this suggestion that needs polished up. But as i said it is only a suggestion

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Bring Families together, but still on lock down.

by mentalmico on May 09, 2020 at 02:25PM

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