Support and develop Forest Schools and Nurseries.

The risk of covid transmission is lower outdoors. If more education happened outdoors risks could be reduced.
There are a few outdoor nurseries but there could be many more.
Increasing the number of forest schools would benefit children, and take advantage of our natural environment.
They could be offered some financial support to begin.

Why the contribution is important

By encouraging education outdoors there would be opportunities to enhance children’s independence and health. It could be a lasting positive legacy of the covid emergency.

by Jfmack on May 09, 2020 at 06:24PM

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  • Posted by Longcroft May 11, 2020 at 12:42

    Using the outdoors for learning provides more space for social distancing. It doesn't have to be Forest School or whatever - just use the school grounds for learning. Go back indoors to reinforce the learning etc etc . The use of the space will need to be timetabled but just do it. Teachers can teach, there is plenty online to help them take the pupils out from 3-18. Just do it.
    As for outdoor nurseries - yes we need more quality outdoor nurseries but there is a process which needs to be followed to do it. Nevertheless using the outdoors for learning through play is an absolute must for the early level (3-7). The advantages are absolute (loads of evidence surrounding this) and in COVID -19 world would make return of this age group to nursery / school more possible
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