Support small businesses to reopen

It would be very helpful if small, local businesses could be allowed to re-open on a phased approach using suitable PPE where possible. It is very concerning that whilst many small businesses remain closed and cannot generate an income, this puts further pressure on Government budgets. This will inevitably increase the likelihood of large scale unemployment and will in the long term lead to a lack of competition in the marketplace as businesses go under.

In Switzerland, hairdressers, barbers and beauty salons have been allowed to re-open allowing one or two people to enter premises at a time and offer PPE to clients to prevent the spread of the virus. This has allowed the economy to gradually restart and ease the burden on national government to fund the crisis indefinitely. Allowing small businesses would also encourage individuals to use public transport such as buses, which from TS statistics publicly available have gone through the floor since mid-March. It will also improve everyone's quality of life right now and support positive mental health and wellbeing.

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It will support SMEs and improve the economic damage created by Covid-19 and will encourage competition in the marketplace to still be possible once the crisis is over. The sooner SMEs can reopen, the better for all concerned.

by KT on May 09, 2020 at 08:43AM

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  • Posted by LeslieSinclair May 09, 2020 at 08:56

    A sensible idea. Start repairing some of the extensive damage that government approach to this pandemic has done to society, the economy and public health.
  • Posted by Takingstock May 09, 2020 at 09:00

    Before reopening businesses should undertake a risk assessment. Government should help with specialist support in this area. Encourage expert volunteers to support. One concern about reopening small, even large businesses, is employee confidence that health and safety has been addressed. An approved risk assessment should give them that assurance. Could introduce follow-up inspection.
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