Taking car to exercise

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I was under the impression that we could take exercise for one hour a day be it walking, jogging, cycling etc. My understanding is that this would be local to you i.e. in your neighbourhood. From what I have seen, people are taking their cars to local parks, beaches etc. This is so wrong and yet the car parks remain open. I think Fife Council should have blocked off car park entrances to discourage this. Its unnecessary travel.

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We have all been asked to avoid unnecessary travel, to stay home and keep the NHS safe. A few seem to think this doesn't apply to them. By blocking off entrances to parks etc. it would discourage people from taking their cars to exercise. Walk to the park or, if it's too far away, exercise round your neighbourhood. We need to protect ourselves, others and especially our NHS. We are so lucky to have free care at the point of delivery

by Kandizak on May 06, 2020 at 09:24PM

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