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We need to give teaching and other staff PPE who are currently working in the hubs. I would also support we focus on the transition groups P1 and P7 prior to summer holiday and all others in August if safe.

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My daughter is a Probation Teacher and very committed and keen to be part of her school. She is still going to work in the hub every two weeks without any PPE. I am a manager in a HSCP and none of my staff are interacting with individuals without PPE. I am not convinced we know enough about this virus and how it travels to allow us to interact with children without PPE. I think these transitions are a priority and we should focus on how best to support them at this time. As a parent I can recall how important and anxious I was around these transitions. I think vulnerable children at these stages would benefit from input on this too.

by LizR on May 07, 2020 at 11:53PM

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  • Posted by Allansh1960 May 11, 2020 at 16:40

    Teaching staff do not have any PPE in their role while teaching children of key workers in school hub. Where is the protection for my daughter while she is carrying out this vital role. There is limited social distancing too. I emailed North Lanarkshire Council who advised ‘ Staff in hubs are maintaining proper physical distancing protocols and make their own risk assessments. In terms of looking after children who require physical contact either because of their age (for example, babies) or particular needs, protective equipment will be deployed on a case by case basis’ Individuals can be carriers and show no symptoms though. I understand these are difficult times and we are still learning. Teachers should be given face masks not only for their protection but also the children.
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