Test Test Test, contact trace and can we utilise European contact tracing system rather than proposed UK one?

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We need rigorous testing strategy in the community for anyone with symptoms or with contacts - contact tracing must be rigorous if public services are opened up.

?can we buy into European contact tracing system (over UK one)

Would mean strict isolation for any positive cases and their contacts but greater freedoms for many.

Some regulation and enforcement of employer requirement to provide PPE and appropriate hygiene facilities to their staff who's employment/nature of work makes social distancing impossible e.g. Teachers, hairdressers, social workers.

Employers who provide care or services to vulnerable/shielded people must provide their workers with PPE and have clear guidance on when and how to test their staff and their clients.

Sustained capacity to test at home essential for those who do not drive.

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Containment of community spread will allow some relaxation of measures and it will also mean that hospitals can begin to undertake more work which has currently put on hold to allow management of surge of covid patients. It will be impossible to do this important work treating patients with cancers and chronic health conditions if community spread remains high and it poses extra risk to patients undergoing treatments to contracting cornonavirus in hospital.

by cm on May 07, 2020 at 02:01AM

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