Test, track & trace and get back to work

Test, track & trace everyone. Scotland had the chance to set an admirable example right from the start, and like Germany, like South Korea, like New Zealand, could have be the place now that everyone looks to for best practice. Sadly, it isn’t. Scotland, like Wales and NI has sufficient devolved powers to have done much better and set the world an example, right from the start. Instead, Scotland performed extremely badly. It has seen horrific death numbers, for example, three times more coronavirus deaths per population than for example Germany. Lets at least do better now! Test, track & trace now, so we can all go safely back to work and get the economy motoring again.

Why the contribution is important

A wide spread test, track & trace programme, will allow people back to work, get productivity going again safely, and will be infinitely much cheaper than the cost of all the current government support for people not working.

by Abx20 on May 08, 2020 at 07:50AM

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