The challenge around poverty is becoming increasingly complex

We believe that COVID-19 has created an increasingly complex poverty challenge in Scotland. We support our customers into jobs & develop skills, work to lift people out of fuel poverty, and help people coming out of prison to build a better future. Our work with individuals, communities and businesses has proven that mentoring provides the best results in lifting people our of poverty. Without this dedicated support our attempts to address this increasingly complex picture will not have the impact that is needed. We would like to see more emphasis given to mentoring which provides the glue between individuals, communities and the services they need.

Why the contribution is important

Mentoring is proven to provide the much needed glue between services in society. The 121, non-judgemental relationship that a professional mentor has with their customer improves attitudes and behaviours and improves engagement. Further emphasis on mentoring to address the increasingly complex poverty challenge could ensure a well-rounded service that meets the needs of individuals, communities and stakeholders.

by TheWiseGroup on May 11, 2020 at 04:05PM

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