The Downside To Lockdown

Being in lockdown has many downsides with us all being cooped up at home our immune systems are starting to lower so this means we will be more susceptible to catching diseases once we start to come into contact with people. A negative that noone wants. (And can this be used to enforce another lockdown?!)

Mental health issues will rise and with screening programmes being on hold this will only create future issues for large numbers of our population.

I have read that in Scotland, 19 people between the ages of 15 and 44 have died of the Coronavirus and although I understand that each and every death is a tragedy, as they are a person who has lived a life and it leaves a family in mourning, we have stopped the economy for 19 people! How many people in this age group die from smoking, alcohol or drug addiction, suicides, accidents - yet no decision to keep everyone at home.

90.6 % of the fatalities are not part of Scotland's workforce yet only essential businesses remain open!

It is clear that 75% of the deaths have occurred in people aged 75 and older and they have probably had an existing health complaint. The over 75s should be fiercely shielded leaving the under 75s to get on with normality.

I have also concerns about a possible vaccine and what the vaccine could consist of.

Going by how the Government has chosen to deal with this crisis - I can't see a way out and there is no way that we can stay in lockdown permanently.

I would be grateful for a response to my comments, even if I have chosen the wrong place to air them.

Many thanks.

Why the contribution is important

I believe that my idea is important because the continuation of our current state of play is detrimental.

by Boobills on May 08, 2020 at 11:13AM

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  • Posted by Lord_Lookin May 08, 2020 at 13:02

    Well said.
    I have heard of a number of young people taking their own lives in the past couple of weeks. Why don't we hear about that? Because it does not suit Nico;a's agenda. We need to end lockdown now and get back to some sort of normality.
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