The message still is not getting through to some

I am in an area where there has been an extensive break out at a care home with staff and patients affected. The staff have been seen in the community and have been in the local shops, one of whom said "do not come near me I have covid". I think people are still not getting the message if they have or suspect to have Covid infection. I think sadly there has to be more enforcement of it. I have also heard that despite what is being announced on Thursday, that many people have had enough and will be doing what they want. It is so unfair on the people taking this situation seriously or people who are shielded who must feel that their situation is becoming increasingly tenuous. The message must not be lostand must be repeated to those least likely to care whether they are sticking to the rules or not

Why the contribution is important

My idea is important because these people will invariably cause the R number to climb, as they see themselves as invincible. Younger people still feel they will get off scot free from the virus as this was the message that was put out at the start of the crisis. Flouting of the rules has gone on from day 1 and wishy washy messages (ie allowing drive through coffee shops to open), is not helping the situation.

by Elainey on May 05, 2020 at 07:35PM

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