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We need to make it clear and establish the true risks of meeting up with other people and family members, otherwise we will turn into a nation too scared to leave the house and as a result destroy our economy even more with job losses etc.

The government need to provide factual information on how social distancing is beneficial. I can go stand in a queue of 50 random people, sometimes not even spaced out at 2 meters to buy groceries but I cannot travel to see my friends and family whom I know have not left the house and pose little or no risk of passing on the disease. Why can people not be in the park sunbathing? I've seen so many photos of the police moving on people who are all socially distant, why is this necessary?

How useful are masks? I understand people with symptoms can use a mask to protect others, but what is the factual element of whether they are usful or not in spreading the virus. When I've been out, the majority of people are seen fixing their mask/touching face etc.
What masks actually work to contain the virus? A P3 mask offers the best protection but these should be left for healthcare professionals and other industries that require them. Disposable surgical masks are only good for a short period of time and must be disposed of once used. If the govt require citizens to wear masks, who will be supplying the masks? How will we obtain enough to use safely (i.e surgical mask is good for 20 mins) How will the gov manage stock of face masks? After the panic buying, hand sanitizer and masks fell into shortage and prices were gouged online.

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by Scotaugust93 on May 07, 2020 at 12:41AM

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