Think lockdown exit but also real plan for the future of work

It's been a wake up call. Some businesses can weather this others can't. Transport in general will be a real problem but we have an opportunity to change the way many work. We need to drive a strong shift to remote working. This can include (1) working from home when possible, (2) replanning office layouts to cope with situations such as this (3) Stop increased spending on new roads (maintain only) (4) Shift budget to improving internet connectivity to population areas rather than just the city centers (5) Move to a model of government subsidised remote working locations in local areas i.e. flexible/rentable office spaces near employees who can easily travel to them by foot/bike etc. Make these remote working locations state of the art for remote employees with vid conference facilities/group meeting rooms where possible (bookable) - along with being energy efficient and eco friendly. Make them secure and monitored also for safety also cleaned to approved standard every night. Not everyone can work this way but in the modern world many, many can as we are finding out. Some can work from home, others cant. The more who can work this way the better for the burden on transport network, resilience of the economy, impact on the environment. What I'm saying is stop moving people to the place of work and allow a level of flexibilty to bring work to the people.

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This is a wake up call to how we live / work and breath. If we dont rethink now during this pandemic, either the next wave or the changes coming with global warming will lead to the complete breakdown of our economies world wide and then society. NHS is doing an amazing job getting us through the current wave but they cannot sustain it forever. There is only so much resilience in any system. There is a serious need to completely overhaul the way we work/live.

by lockeds on May 10, 2020 at 11:55AM

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  • Posted by Bungo May 10, 2020 at 17:10

    This is an opportunity to make significant changes towards a greener economy and a greener consciousness, helping the planet, mitigating global warming and promoting a fairer working experience for those currently mistreated or ignored in the precariat. Something truly positive can come out of this terrible pandemic but only if we seize the time and tide. If we go back to business as usual, subsequent generations will condemn us.
  • Posted by jeniandtim May 11, 2020 at 08:51

    Great! posted a similar point, we have all been rushing to urbanise, wasting hours of our lives in trains and cars to go work in crowded space where we need to put headphones on to let us concentrate.
  • Posted by Jack13 May 11, 2020 at 13:09

    Time to adopt a greener way of living. Working from home where possible. Preferably supporting small businesses and valuing people’s health and well-being, balancing that with running an economy which values it people. If that is sustainable through independence, now is the time to make the break. We deserve to have a say in how our country is run (and paid for) and through education and nurturing of the underprivileged, we could all benefit. Small countries can be beautiful. Make the break now from using fossil fuels and get our cycle lanes in order. Nurture our wonderful renewable energy businesses and be the model country everyone wants. Our landscape will once again be available for tourism and our welcoming nation can thrive. Stop multinationals who fail to pay taxes and to contribute. I, like many others, have learnt a lot from this lock down. One that material items don’t matter if you don’t have your health. Buy your coffee from the small independent shop and support your local businesses who’ve stepped up to deliver your fruit and veg and your essentials during lockdown. Look out for and protect each other. This is the kind of Scotland I would like to live in. Not to mention the buying of property where you do not live. This most certainly needs to be reviewed.
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