To put measures in place for families with children with additional needs

My idea would be to relax restrictions on services for families with children with additional needs.
Many families are struggling some at breaking point because vital services have been removed such as speech and language appointments, support groups, even school.
Many children with additional needs require structure and support and these services can provide families with this support.

Why the contribution is important

These are vital to the emotional and social development of these children. They give families the vital support and chance to ask questions and seek new strategies to help with their children. During this pandemic these families including myself have had vital services cut off and this has resulted in the children becoming more distressed and the stress being felt within the whole family unit.
Not only that these children will find it difficult to transition back to normal if procedures are not looked at now. I know there has been funding put into advice lines but families need the input from the external agencies mentioned above.

by Mumof3kids on May 09, 2020 at 10:10PM

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