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A very complex and difficult situation opening schools. Firstly consideration must be made to staffing levels to ensure it is possible to provide a consistent opening. Many staff are in the vulnerable category, sheilding or if get symptoms are having to isolate again and again. Secondly children do spread bugs and infections, working with children sees the staff and their families suffering from many illnesses, especially over the winter months. It spreads like wild fire in nursery and schools and parents do not always follow the guidelines and keep their children off as they have to work, seeing greater risk for staff. Working in child care myself I have caught every bug going this year, and also passed them onto my elderly family. Since lockdown and a break from being in that environment myself; me and my existing family have been well for the first time since November. Not from covid but just general viruses. Vulnerable children need acess to services NOW! This was promised as lockdown began, but has never been rolled out in my area adding significant pressure to these children. Finally there needs to be ppe for staff to protect them. Is feels as if they will be forgotten about in all this, children can suffer significant complications from the virus and alot will need to change before risks can be reduced to make it safe for all. Nurseries should consider only allowing in catchment area children to attend their settings, some children travel far and wide to acess multiple nursery settings which will cause super spreading.

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I am significantly concerned as a childcare worker about the return to working in nursery environments. For my own and my families health. Children do spread viruses and bugs, its rife especially during the colder months and this will be no different. There needs to be significant changes otherwise staff will not put up with being used as canon fodder.

by Rast on May 08, 2020 at 08:30AM

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