Tour de Scotland

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Reduce unnecessary travel

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Before lockdown, we were choking in pollution, cities and even small towns were gridlocked twice a day. Thousands of people were dying from respiratory diseases caused by pollution every year. We now have a golden opportunity to make some positive changes. Air travel was a key vector in the spread of the virus, we can't ban it all together but we can reduce unnecessary flights. Especially business flights. Internet calls have proven that we can do business without flying. Equally we can do without so much car travel. Walking and cycling need to be facilitated. The resulting improved fitness will make us more resilient to this (and future pandemics). Don't forget, there is evidence to suggest that the virus can be transmitted via air pollution (PM10 particles) Also lung damage due to air pollution makes you more susceptible to respiratory diseases, including Covid and other forms of SARS

by patrick on May 06, 2020 at 10:59PM

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