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Please all help Nicola to help the Scottish people to beat this virus by downloading the tracking app. I understand the worries about privacy, data protection and human rights, but at this point in time this simple act would combine with the increased testing to make it much easier to quickly prevent spread of this disease. It can be easily removed once we get through this and could potentially save thousands of lives. I know some people wont do it because the tories said it first, but get over it - even if you save 1 life by giving her the uptake it needs to be effective it is worth it. Finally if Nicola or any of her colleagues read this, you are doing a great job at a really difficult time, but please consider take a minute or 2 to reassure people that this will not be misused by the uk government have consequences beyond this state of emergency.

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Because there is a lot of reluctance to load the app in Scotland - mainly due to distrust of the Westminster government, but we need sufficient uptake or it just wont work and it will be Scottish families who will suffer most

by FreeScots on May 06, 2020 at 06:50PM

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  • Posted by Graham May 06, 2020 at 22:24

    This is a worldwide problem, and apps have been used successfully elsewhere without a great deal of dissent. We can learn from China, South Korea, and elsewhere. Track and trace is vital if we want some sort of return to the "new normal". We need to accept a greater level of integration with other countries, and a greater level of government involvement. It's quite likely that we are not giving much away anyway compared with what is already known centrally, and surely anyone who has nothing to hide shouldn't be too worried!
  • Posted by Hellz May 07, 2020 at 01:25

    No ta - I have a right to privacy and I’m damn well not going to give it up!
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