When schools are due to return in August, the new p1 and S1 intake should have the 2 weeks before the end of September to have transition events and experiences. If part time schooling goes ahead it would be better for children’s healthy and safety if they attended Monday/Tuesday or Thursday/Friday leaving Wednesday for the school to be deep cleaned. This would be better for working parents than half days as would allow 2 full working days rather than part days. Ppe and social distancing will not be suitable for younger children as children thrive on connection and affection so ELC will need systems in place to protect children, staff and parents.

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We need to protect children but balance this with education. Not all children have equal home experiences with limited opportunities for learning. We have to consider long term health and well-being as well as physical health.

by Oscar77 on May 07, 2020 at 10:38PM

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