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Children who are due to start P1 in August should be having some days in school to help them make the change from nursery to P1. Obviously this is not happening due to the current situation but i feel it would benefit the kids to do some sort of transition period before schools return for other students

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Children and parents will be nervous due to the big step from nursery to P1 without the added complication of COVID 19. Children will have had no formal structure since nursery ended prematurely and it’s a big ask to put them in a completely different environment

by MummyKeith on May 11, 2020 at 06:15PM

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  • Posted by IrishEmma1978 May 11, 2020 at 18:27

    I agree - it’s very difficult for our little people.
  • Posted by bluebird19 May 11, 2020 at 18:44

    Nursery to p1 should already be a smooth transition- it is one early level curriculum to the end of p1 for most of our children. The days of suddenly you go through the door to the "main event" of p1, sit at your own desk, do lots of "jotter jobs" should be in the past. It should look similar to nursery in terms of experiences and environment which is highlighted in our National Practice Guidance that was recently released- 'Realising the Ambition'. Knowing what the class area looks like, who the teacher is, where the dining hall is etc is all important but can be done in a careful manner when they return or via video tours, use of apps etc. Good, well planned use of known staff to support children as they go into a new area of school when they return- for example an early years practitioner working in p1 , could be supportive but there will need to be funding to do that. Most settings will have done transition work of some description long before term 4 for example share a story, den build days, shared projects with p1, staff undertaking shared department meetings to ensure continuity across the early level curriculum, planning classes for p1 etc. This is less easy if the nursery and p1 settings are not on the same site- however - covid does not necessarily change that difficulty greatly. These issues are always a bit less easy to manage in those circumstances but there is good practice particularly in our more rural settings where it is not practical for children to spend time at the setting they will be moving to.
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