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Allow people to meet with family and friends. To travel to meet up and basically restart life.

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My partner and I are both involved grandmothers and parents. But we are over 70 and our families live in Glasgow central belt and Yorkshire. Some grandchildren are very young some adult. We live in a tiny rural village in SW Scotland. We have had phone contact, we have been out doing our own food shopping and walking. But we NEED full contact with everyone and we need to see friends.
We know that we could wear masks, hand wash, meet outside and we know there is an element of risk. But so is crossing the road.

by Raginggranny on May 06, 2020 at 11:45AM

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  • Posted by Muriel May 06, 2020 at 14:58

    I have the same problem as this, but with a daughter in her 30s. She is a hospital doctor, herself at risk due to being on the frontline and without a lot of essential equipment. So far, I have not seen her for weeks. We have missed Mother's day, both of our birthdays and much more. This is something I will never forget while I admit it is not important in the grand scheme of covid-19. It is not helping with mental health when you cannot do the really important things like this, or attending funerals of long term friends or relatives, or hospital visiting to those who are dying (not of covid). We will survive these disappointments but will never quite accept that they had to be this way.
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