'Tuesday Safe Time' for vulnerable groups

If it true that Covid-19 can live on surfaces for 3 days, then having a 3 day closed weekend, and reopening on a Tuesday would allow surfaces to become covid-negative (just a theory), and may be suitable for some businesses and shops.

Tuesday morning could be the 'safe zone' for shielded/vulnerable groups to attend to their needs , excluding other members of the public at that time.

Ensuring the general public completely avoid streets and shops at this time, would allow freedom for those who require absolutely minimal contact.

Why the contribution is important

Designated Safe Times and Safe Zones , would allow us all to know where we should and shouldn't be at certain times, and why.

Providing Safe Time Zones for people who are having to more severely restrict their living due to health issues, is a priority so that they can be assured an avenue of freedom as lockdown eases and risks to them increase.

by Pamela55 on May 05, 2020 at 07:01PM

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