Two Minutes of Hate

Following on from the universal applause for NHS and other key worker heros on a Thursday, we should have Two Minutes of Hate at 8pm on a Friday, focussed against the Coronavirus and all it stands for. This will focus the minds of citizens against the invisible pathogen enemy, and remind everyone why we are all following the rules.

Why the contribution is important

Compliance is important and I think people need to be reminded why.

by GavinFalconer on May 07, 2020 at 08:08AM

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  • Posted by borisjlives May 07, 2020 at 10:55

    it's not an enemy, it has no ideas or strategies, it doesn't pick people to infect. It is an environmental health risk and we know how to stop it, it will stop when it runs out of hosts. It is entirely in our hands to make that happen, just stay away from everyone else as much as you can and use the government supports to keep food on the table. It is budgeted to then end of July but if everyone isolated (not this weak "lockdown" which many people ignore anyway) for 3 weeks, the pathogen would run out of hosts (except those who are admitted to hospital) and this would all be over (till the next pandemic). It takes up to a week to show symptoms, you are infectious for a week and then you will either return to normal or go to hospital with severe symptoms, or as so many have (too many) you will die. it has a two week survival requirement, if it has not passed on to another before the infected person recovers or is removed from society by isolation in hospital or death, then the virus runs out of road. It can live on surfaces for up to another 3 days, then it's gone. All this talk of returning to a "new normal" and social distancing is only going to make the epidemic last longer and take more lives. isolate for 3 weeks, everyone who can, and at the end of this we can spend the leftover emergency budget by giving all the health and care front line workers a couple of weeks paid holiday and a lot of counselling to help them recover from the exhaustion and PTSD that's bound to be on the horizon.
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