Two types of new normal

New normal for the foreseeable future

Refrain from handshakes. We can greet each others the same way they do in Asian countries.

Actually stick to capacity in bars and clubs.

Universal ordering apps for pubs to minimize crowding at the bar.

Plastic seals around drivers in taxis and public transport (see China's method).

If you're ill, wear a mask in enclosed public spaces/shops etc.

Transferable tickets for all transport and events in the case of sickness. Temperature checks for flying, festivals and concerts etc.

No more factory farming or any practices that are blatantly breeding ground for viruses. Stop eating bats too, I'm looking at you China.

Where possible work at home. Introduce varied starting and finishing times at places you cannot (more important in cities to keep public transport as vacant as possible.

Petrol station assistants.. No more touching pumps.

Improved ventilation in public spaces and schools.

Lessons and groups held outside where possible.

New normal til vaccine

one seat apart rule. On airplanes and in cinemas at least, and over seated restaurants will have to remove a table or two. However, I can't really see this being possible on the tube in big cities like London though, even if the majority of people worked at home.

Regular quarantines for anyone who is ill, but easily lifted with the use of accurate and speedy covid-19 testing (hopefully these are on the way)

Use of an app that tracks the virus. Ideally an international service, but imagine the security implications of that.

Let's get those volunteers to work! Handrails, handles and any public surface that gets regularly touched (particularly those not exposed to sunlight) to be sanitized daily.

If you're obese, unhealthy or just unlucky enough to be old or full of comorbidities, take extreme precautions when out and about. Those that are in close contact with people in these groups should also be unprecedentedly careful.

Why the contribution is important

Everyone's ideas are important.

I think we can all make a few simple changes to way we live our lives.

by mcooper89 on May 05, 2020 at 03:26PM

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  • Posted by Mwd70 May 05, 2020 at 16:26

    Very sensible and practical suggestions.

    Let’s not talk and act our way in to a nanny state (that is not a political statement btw). I fear this has the potential to be a race to the bottom.

    We all need to learn to live with this health issue and accept people will contract the virus and some, unfortunately, will become very ill and may die.

    Let’s keep sight of the numbers and demographics around the virus and focus on shielding those at greatest risk (if they want to be shielded). I do accept everyone us at risk - but the numbers clearly show the consequences are greater for certain groups.
  • Posted by mcooper89 May 06, 2020 at 13:17

    Thanks, I completely agree with you, in fact I'd say we're pretty much a nanny state already.

    Adding to that I'd also want to avoid implementing services that track us on mass. However South Korea did a great job with their app. Plus if you haven't got anything to hide, there shouldn't really be an issue. Second plus, if you have a smart phone you're already tracked anyway!

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