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I won't use the UK app. Not happy to give personal details to WM Govt. Will there be a Scottish one? and if so, will it be compatible with countries in Europe?... can't see how we can ever be able to holiday abroad again if not, as those countries would be within their rights to ask us to self quarantine on arrival... would negate the benefits of any holiday, on my opinion. I know travelling is a long way away, but it is important to most people.

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I do not want my personal information given to the WM government... they are not trustworthy. Travel abroad is something that a huge anoint of us have been used to... it would be a sign of a return to normality. Whilst I can see the benefits of an app, I would rather it was one that wad developed in Scotland, on the interests of Scottish people.

by jdunning on May 06, 2020 at 08:34PM

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