Underlying health conditions

Considering children and staff with underlying health conditions is very important in all of this. Very clear guidelines need to be given for them about if and when they should return to school/work. This could impact on the capacity that there is to return as possibly many practitioners won’t be able to return to work to start with and there is also the question of whether it’s right to return before all can such as those children with health concerns as this wouldn’t be inclusive.

Also important to consider is where this is someone in the household with an underlying health condition or something which makes them more vulnerable (a sibling with severe asthma for example or a pregnant wife), there needs again to be clear guidance for families so that parents, children and staff aren’t forced to make extremely difficult decisions about returning balancing the need for a return to some sort of normality and education with the more important need for health and wellbeing.

Everyone’s health and wellbeing needs to be the priority here- that goes for parents, children and all staff involved.

Why the contribution is important

These are important considerations as clear guidance is going to be crucial to ensure that all involved in the reopening of schools are safe and supported to be safe.

by shoreselkie on May 08, 2020 at 08:19AM

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