Use the NHS Louisa Jordan

To use the NHS Louisa Jordan hopsital for treating Covid-19 patients which are currently in hospitals and care homes. The NHS Louisa Jordan was designed and equipped with all the necessary equipment to treat specifically Covid-19 patients. Removing Covid-19 patients from care homes as soon as they test positive, would hopefully reduce the devastating outbreaks we are currently seeing in this sector. Nurses and care staff could relocate to the NHS Louisa Jordan in order to care for the additional needs of these patients. Removing Covid-19 patients from hospitals would allow for hopsital acquired infections of Covid-19 to reduce. With only very small amounts of Covid-19 patients left in hopsital. The requirement for critical care beds is reduced. This would allow for operations which have been postponed due to a lack of a critical care bed to go ahead. Furthermore, a hospital with all its Covid-19 patients redirected to the NHS Lousia Jordan is a safer place for cancer patients. This would perhaps allows cancer treatments which have been postponed to recommence as the threat in hopsital to their compramised immune system is significantly lower.

Why the contribution is important

The message stated by the government with regards to why a lockdown and a science lead approach is so important, is to ensure that the NHS has the ability at all times to cope with all Covid-19 patients. When the Covid-19 numbers decrease and the NHS reopens it will be over run and unable to cope with the size of the waiting lists for various procedures in a variety of specialities. To ensure our NHS is able to cope with both Covid-19 and the the large waiting lists caused by Covid-19. It is essential that we use every single resource that is available to use. The use of NHS Lousia Jordan is imperative in ensuring that our NHS can cope during and after Covid-19.

by tamarasommers20 on May 11, 2020 at 09:13PM

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