Use the recovery to support zero carbon investment

Capital allowances for those manufacturing zero carbon homes.
Capital allowances for those paying for the manufacture of zero carbon homes.
10 year Government backed mortgages on zero carbon homes until the Finance market is confident of lending on these new products.
Government share of equity in zero carbon homes to offset the Perceived risk to purchasers and lenders of purchasing these new products. Purchaser free to purchase equity stake anytime.
Stamp duty relief for those purchasing zero carbon homes.
New homes bonus and percentage of council tax raised on these homes ring fenced for further investment in zero carbon house building initiatives.

Why the contribution is important

Climate change is also major issue facing the world. We need to make the most of investment post covid recovery to address this global issue. Currently zero carbon is not heavily produced. This needs to change. Producing zero carbon homes in a factory would also help control covid 19 by allowing social distancing.

by consult1 on May 06, 2020 at 07:47AM

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