Vaccine Safety Concerns

Previous Coronavirus vaccine attempts have failed due to safety concerns (see death rates in ferrets due to immune activation), hence there was no SARS or MERS vaccine. The current covid19 vaccine “safety “trials” are fast tracking animal testing ie animal testing is being performed simultaneously with human testing - this is unprecedented. In addition, the RNA vaccines eg produced by Moderna contain RNA so will modify the recipient at a genetic level potentially affecting future offspring (part of the condition in participating in the trial is not to conceive children). The proposed fasttracked clinical trials will not reveal potential effects on future generations. It is concerning to hear Bill Gates discuss indemnity agreements for the manufacturers. Given that the mortality rate for covid-19 is around 0.1 per cent (on par with influenza), the public should be made aware of the significant risk of any vaccination. Without a doubt, the public should have a choice in whether to receive any vaccination.

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To protect the health and safety of the general public and future generations.

by Johnmuir on May 11, 2020 at 08:51PM

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  • Posted by Kgal May 11, 2020 at 21:21

    Agree. Public should be informed now that a safe vaccine may never be found. It should also be highlighted that vaccines themselves are not risk-free. People need to be able to make an informed risk-assessment about how they are going to live their lives and not assume a guaranteed cure is just around the corner. Any future vaccine should absolutely not be mandatory.
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