Visiting Select Family Members

Once lockdown starts to be eased and we move back into the previous phase, which was mostly social distancing and no large gatherings, it needs to he made clear if households will be allowed to mix again.

After hearing reports that social distancing could continue into 2021 I feel increasingly concerned for those who live on their own, be it anyone from the elderly to young adults, particularly when it could mean spending up to a year on your own with no contact with family. This could also mean spending Christmas on your own if you are a one person household. I worry about the effect on people’s mental health spending potentially a year not seeing anyone - unless they have to go in to work.

I propose that people should be allowed to mix with one other household, provided they do not have to travel
more than 1-2 hours to get there and no one in that household is seriously at risk, shielding or isolating due to covid-19.

This might mean that one person households get to visit their parents, children or siblings. If necessary they could still keep 2m apart.

Why the contribution is important

I think my idea is important for the mental health of the population. I can imagine that spending a year alone in a one person household due to social distancing will have a significant impact on people’s mental health and will then create further demands on the NHS when we slowly return to normal.

Also no one, if fit and healthy and not isolating/shielding, should have to spend Christmas alone, if they can sensibly visit one other household.

by ashlouise91 on May 06, 2020 at 03:00PM

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