Voluntary shielding for the vulnerable

Consider vulnerable people self shield, allowing those who are not as high risk, or around those at high a risk, to return to undertaking a degree of normal activity, including returning to work places where safe and reopening shops and services which can allow for safe working.

Why the contribution is important

There is significant evidence suggesting the deaths resulting from lock-down, caused by other NHS services going on hold, severe mental health issues resulting in suicide and homicide, domestic violence and isolation will be far greater than the deaths from Covid-19. In addition, the impending, catastrophic, financial crash can still be partially "band-aided" if we atleast let the fit and healthy back to work and a degree of normal life. A 5 generation deep recession, enhanced with considerable mental and physical health issues caused by this lock down, concern me for the future.

by AFW1 on May 08, 2020 at 10:49AM

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