Wales v Scotland & the UK lockdown

Given there is a higher rate of infection in Wales why are they able to open garden centres and libraries and Scotland won't? I suspect there is FAR too much politics at play in this tragedy and it would be really beneficial to have an 'adult conversation' by allowing us to actually SEE the medical and scientific evidence that is preventing Scotland from slowly moving forward " the same rate. Also there MUST be a discussion minuted somewhere that clearly shows the 4 nations communicating about a pathway, even if dates move between the nations. Again can we see this to let us see what discussions ARE ACTUALLY happening instead of pathetic media and political jibes amongst ALL politicians!! It was particularly unhelpful to hear an SNP leading figure say that the PM was encouraging 'business as usual' - I do not recall hearing any such remark from him last night. THIS gives out mixed messages!

Why the contribution is important

We need this adult conversation & to see the evidence to understand the decisions taken by the separate administrations.

by Livingwell on May 11, 2020 at 01:24PM

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